The Anglesey Coastal Path 2014

Flora and fauna


After the wet stormy winter and mild spring I was wondering what I would be seeing ahead of me as I walked around the coast. As expected there are a whole host of seabirds and waders to look at as you travel. Delightful to watch them scurrying along the beach ahead , and then flying around back to their favoured stomping grounds. I was a little surprised at not seeing any Grey Seals around the cliffs, and maybe they were further out to sea getting up to what seals do best? Plant wise it wasn't the best time of year being just a little early in the season. Anyway here's a small selection of the journey.

 photo DSC01253.jpg


  photo DSC01255.jpg


  photo DSC01280.jpg


  photo IMG_5801.jpg


 photo DSC01404.jpg


 photo DSC01409.jpg


 photo DSC01501.jpg


  photo DSC01511.jpg


 photo DSC01514.jpg


 photo DSC01522.jpg


 photo DSC01604.jpg


  photo DSC01606.jpg


 photo DSC01607.jpg


 photo DSC01618.jpg


 photo DSC01813.jpg


 photo DSC01912.jpg


 photo DSC01927.jpg


 photo DSC01928.jpg


 photo DSC01949.jpg


 photo DSC01954.jpg


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