The Cumbria Way 2012

Accommodation review


This will be brief as there is a lot of choice of places to stay along the Cumbria Way and to be honest it also depends how you split the route up.

I don't know about Ulverston as I didn't stay there, I stayed at The Masons Arms at Strawberry Bank as they had an offer on for DBB. The food there is very nice as is the atmosphere, although the breakfast is a DIY job in the rooms, unless you want to wait until 10am for a bacon buttie. Then I had transport for the 30 minute drive to Ulverston to start the walk.

The first night was spent at a friends B&B and very nice it was to. My gear was just about dry in the morning as well. There are plenty of places to stay in Coniston ranging from B&B's, pubs to hotels - you just have to google 'Coniston'

The second day's accommodation will change depending how far you want to walk. The obvious choice would be the New Dungheon Ghyll or the Old Dungheon Ghyll, but they aren't cheap (nowhere in the lakes is really) if you are walking to the Langdale Pikes.


the bar at the Old Dungheon Ghyll

I walked to Rosthwaite and stayed at the Royal Oak, which was a little dated but suited me down to the ground. Dinner was served at the same time as everyone else and was nicely cooked and filling. There isn't much of a bar and you'd be better off nipping next door to the pub side of the Scafell Hotel. I really wanted to stay at the Langstrath Hotel but they only do two night bookings and weren't open anyway -the food there is meant to be superb.


The Royal Oak at Rosthwaite

The third night was spent in Keswick and there are literally scores of B&B's. You're spoilt for choice really. I stayed at the Cafe26 restaurant with rooms, a fine Tapas bar with rooms above. The room overlooked the street and was nicely decorated, comfortable and not too noisy. The food was good as well, with breakfast served up in the back of the restaurant in the morning. I enjoyed it here.


my room at Cafe26

The fourth night was spent at Caldbeck in the Oddfellows Arms which was ok, but the landlord doesn't say a lot which can spoil the visit. But the room was ok and to be honest there's not much choice here anyway. There's a couple of B&B's which are probably a better option.


the odd 'Oddfellows'

After day five I hopped on a train and went home. I'm coming back to do this route north to south so will try to include a bit more next time.

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