Hadrian's Wall 2008

Day VI: I've not done it yet....

Weather: Probably raining

Route: Newburn to Wallend - 12 mile


nunc scripsi totum da mihi potum or now I have written so much, give me a drink!


This page will be updated when I have returned to finish the walk. I left the Keelmans Lodge at 06:30 to catch the 7:30 train to Manchester. The taxi ride into the railway station gave me some views of the surrounding land, but not enough of the river. The train arrived and left on time and I had views of the riverside walk that I would have taken today. The industrial heritage would be nice to see, but Iā€™m not so sure about some of the suburbs. But anyway the train journey home was uneventful and on time, so I could relax a little before setting out for the golf club. A fat lot of good that did ā€“ I was out of contention after 9 holes and might as well not have bothered ā€“ a very frustrating end to a wonderful week ā€“ blinking heck!


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