The Rob Roy Way 2013

Flora and fauna


I didn't have any expectations for the week ahead as one of the blogs I had read declared that there was a dearth of wildlife along the way. That might well have been due to the fact there were quite a few of them and the noise of their approach would travel ahead. One of the joys of walking on your own is that you often see a little more wildlife than expected. The highlight of the week of course was the two Pine Martens running up a forest track towards me - a rare enough occurrence in the wild, although they are often seen in back gardens at bird feeders. The bluebells were still giving a good display, always at their best in dappled glades beneath a canopy of trees. Plenty of birdlife along the way, but my compact camera doesn't have a good enough zoom on it to capture any in detail. All in all a good week to stand and stare occasionally, and as usual up in the Scottish plantations there were plenty of Cuckoo's calling to me.

 photo DSC05209.jpg

Squashed  Pine cones looked like Trilobite fossils

  photo DSC05211.jpg

Plenty of this trefoil growing next to or on the forest tracks

  photo DSC05227.jpg

plenty of mixed wild flowers in the verges as well

  photo DSC05143.jpg

Spindly coppiced woods near to Drymen

  photo DSC05163.jpg

No idea what this was - Cockchafer anyone?

  photo DSC05263.jpg

The star of the show - a poor shot of a Pine Marten as it bolts for the forest

  photo DSC05297.jpg

Plenty of Broom in flower, but it's a scruffy plant at best

  photo DSC05298.jpg

Much better is the fragrant Gorse bushes, apart from the needles of course

  photo DSC05529.jpg

apparently the original Highland Cattle were all black, so it was interesting seeing this beauty

  photo DSC05560.jpg

a well camouflaged toad - he didn't hop it though


  photo DSC05774.jpg

beautiful colour in the viola's

  photo DSC05830.jpg

railway track embankment flora

  photo DSC05842.jpg

Cranesbill looking healthy

  photo DSC05854.jpg

a nice herbaceous border at the Hotel near Grandtully

  photo DSC05898.jpg

Lots of Lady's Mantle around

  photo DSC05903.jpg

Close to Pitlochrie the Aquilegia is expanding into the countryside

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