My Other Walks

I have been lucky to have had a few trips abroad for a walking break. For work or pleasure it's always fun....well nearly always. I hope you enjoy some of my walks and if you have any comments or questions about these webpages, please visit my blog where you can leave a message at any of the posts: My Blog is here

Madeira 2012

PhotobucketMadeira, an island paradise that lies north of the Canary Islands, and 320 miles north west of the African coast. A great place to visit, with superb flora, fauna, and wonderful volcanic geology on show. It's climate is perfect for me - not too hot or cold, but it can be very wet if you choose the wrong time of year - November to February. Grab a car or taxi and get to the top of the island - it's spectacular



Canada 2010

PhotobucketMy first visit to the Canada mainland, primarily to do some work in British Columbia. But I made sure I had enough time for a little sightseeing before I flew back to the UK.
It has certainly wet my appetite for another trip back to Canada to revisit the Rockies and the National Parks that surround them. I'm saving up my air miles for a business class trip next year. Maybe I'll see a bit more wildlife up close.....but not too close.


Washington 2010

A trip over the pond to vists my brother-in-law and partner. I used up all my BMI air miles to fly FIRST CLASS with American Airlines - what a buzz.

This trip was mainly in the City of DC visiting many galleries and museums, and also all the famous landmarks. Not really my cup of tea being stuck in a city, but we did manage one trip out to the Luray caverns to look at the dangly bits.


Mallorca 2009

My third visit to the Island, but my first time walking in the Tramuntana mountains. Fantastic Limestone scenery, with vegetation to match. We visited in September, but I believe spring would be a good time to walk here as well.





Norway 2009

Working in the office for a couple of weeks, I managed a few small walks which has given me a taste for more of this country. Full of Fjords and high level walks, I look forward to a week of walking maybe in 2011.





Andalucia 2008

A weeks break in Andalucia, staying in Marbella for a few days then moving out to Riogordo, inland away from the masses. An interesting time to say the least - including the day I left my brain at home when out in the mountains





Sicily 2006

Italy calls again, this time in Sicily in the autumn. Not boiling hot, just a pleasant 24deg, plus a shower or three. The highlight of the week has to be the Alcantara gorge, followed by a close second of Mount Etna lava at night...mind you the food is pretty good as well.